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Ydalir Hotel is a beacon with sights for the future. With upscaled rooms and a friendly staff, Ydalir sets the bar for Campus Hotels in Scandinavia.

Take part in one of Stavanger’s greatest gifts by booking your next stay with us at Ydalir Hotel. The hotels surplus will each year be donated to the University of Stavanger; contributing financially to the furthering of research and education.

Did we mention that good things come in small packages?

Our unique hotel houses 59 rooms, 12 of which are apartments, including our own conference area. Our doors opened March 14th 2018. We look forward to hosting any of your future accommodations and events.

Take part in our vision and book your next stay with us!

What does Ydalir mean?

In order to describe what Ydalir mean we have to start with where Ullandhaug originates from. Our area got its name from the Norse winter, hunter and bow and arrow God Ull, and his home was called Ydalir. Now it remains to see whether or not our hotel qualifies to be a home good enough for gods?

Who is behind Ydalir?

Ydalir Hotel was gifted to the University of Stavanger by the Smedvig family. Peder Smedvig established his first shipping company in 1915, which has ever since continued to flourish. Celebrating their 100th year anniversary in 2015, the Smedvig family wanted to give back to the local region. Below is the family’s mission statement in regards to the allocation of charitable donations and sponsorships;

“Smedvig wishes to prioritize gifts and sponsorship funds specifically aimed towards children and youth. The mission is to stimulate an increase of education and knowledge through its funds directly or indirectly, in order to benefit the region long-term.” - Smedvig Family

All of Ydalir’s surplus proceeds will be donated to the University of Stavanger yearly. This financial contribution will provide a long-term economic resolution for the cultivation of educational opportunities across all faculties. Every stay with us benefits the university!

Ydalir Hotel is a beacon with sights for the future. With upscaled rooms and a friendly staff, Ydalir offers everything you can expect from a hotel accommodation.


Our shareholders are a unique group of leading HORECA companies in Norway. They provide Ydalir Hotel with exemplary knowledge and a resourceful backbone.

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