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Heftyes vei 99
4021 Stavanger

Directions to and from the airport

  • From the airport you have three optional routes;
  • The Airport Shuttle departs almost every 15 minutes. The route is called “Stavanger/Sola via Madla/Forum”, where you have to depart at Madlakrossen. You'll have to change to a local bus on the other side of the road. Bus #6 and #7 will take you to the stop “UiS ved Kjell Arholmshus”, which stops right outside our hotel.
  • The ticket that you bought on the airport shuttle is also valid at the local bus.
  • The cheapest option is to travel with the local bus. From the airport you may take bus #42 and depart at Koppholen, cross the road and change to bus X60 towards Stavanger. This bus will take you to “UiS ved Kjell Arholmshus”, which stops right outside our hotel.
12 min
Credit card, VISA
Airport Shuttle
15 min
108,- 118,- 130,-
Vipps Payment App, Online,, Directly to the driver
Airport Shuttle w/bus change
20 min
See above
40 min

Directions to and from the city

    • The bus stop “UiS ved Kjell Arholms hus” is just 100 meters from our main entrance, and all busses that pass our hotel will take you downtown.
    • When you want to head back to the hotel you may take bus #6, #7 and X60. PS: Make sure the route info on the bus doesn’t say “#6/7 UiS vest ..”
    • You may buy your ticket in the app “Kolumbus Billett” (the app accepts foreign credit cards!), or you may buy a bus credit card from our front desk.
    • The city’s electrical rental bike offer is extremely convenient.
      Close to our hotel is a charging station with several bikes available for rent.
12 min
(credit card, VISA)
16 min
(Kolumbus App)
City bike
20 min
30,- per hour

Directions using your own transportation

Our address is Telegrafdirektør Heftyes vei 99, 4021 Stavanger, and you can park by our hotel free of charge! We have a limited amount of parking spots on the hotel grounds at your disposal. We also offer our own charging station for those driving electric cars and HC-parking right by the hotel's main entrance. If parking is at full capacity, you may find available parking spots only 100 meters from the hotel.

Here is a map that shows the road to our hotel: Ydalir Hotel Map

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