Here are some of our best tips for your visit to Stavanger!


Here is a link to a larger version of the map

  1. The hotel is located on the Stavanger University campus, and is close to Ullandhaug Forest, the Botanical Gardens and Hafrsfjord, as well as commercial buildings such as I-Park and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.
  2. The nearest bus stop is just up the road, with bus routes going to both the city center of Stavanger and Sandnes, with one of the routes going around the clock.
  3. The shuttle bus to the airport passes by not too far from the hotel every half hour. Just follow the road to the left leaving the hotel, or take a small gravel path to the right of the building across the street.

4. Just up the road behind the hotel is the city’s botanical gardens. It is a must see, especially during spring and summer. There are also paths from the gardens leading to the hiking trails in Sørmarka and Ullandhaug Forest.

5. Ullandhaug tower is the viewpoint of Stavanger. As the tallest peak in the city, it has a magnificent view of the city and the surrounding areas, with a ‘compass’ showing names and distances to the sights. The fastest way there is to the left of the hotel, heading into the forest and following the hiking trails towards the tower.

6. The Iron Age Farm is a rebuilt model of an iron age farmstead, and is maintained by the Museum of Archaeology. A visit gives a unique insight to the everyday life of an average Norwegian settlement in the iron age. To get there, just follow the road to the right as you leave the hotel all the way to the grass field, and you will see the new Iron Age Farm visiting center on the left-hand side when standing with the university campus at your back.

7. Sørmarka Arena is a multipurpose public sporting venue, with a climbing wall and bouldering, a large gym, and other activities based on the season: Ice rinks and curling lanes in the winter, and courts for badminton and beach volleyball (among other things) during the summer. A short walk from the hotel, follow the trail through Ullandhaug forest, and continue down the road by the parking lot at the bottom of the hill where Ullandhaug tower stands.

8. Sverd i Fjell (Swords in Rock) is a landmark created in remembrance of the battle of Hafrsfjord, where Harald Fairhair defeated the last regional chief and became the first king of Norway. To get there, follow the road downhill from the hotel until you reach the ocean, then follow the coastline to the right.

9. Gamlingen is located by Mosvannet, and is an outdoor pool that is open all year, with a modern and brand new gym and sauna. Take bus x60 from the nearby bus stop, and get off at the stop called ‘Mosvangen Camping’

10. Gamle Stavanger (the Old Town) is an area in the city center, where most of the houses and buildings were built in the 18 and 1900s.

11. The Norwegian Petroleum Museum is located in the city center, and is an interactive museum, displaying Norway’s journey into petroleum production. 

12. Solastranden (Sola beach) is one of the most beautiful beaches in Northern Europe. It’s 2,3 kilometers long, and has a fantastic view out towards the open ocean. It’s a great place to spend the day during summer, and a great hike throughout the rest of the year.

13. Vitenfabrikken (Science Factory) is a combined museum and science centre located in the city centre of Sandnes. The exhibitions and activities are spread across four floors. The topics explained here are natural science, mathematics, energy and astronomy, regional industrial history and the city of Sandnes’ history. Vitenfabrikken is located in Storgata, and you can take the bus all the way to ‘Sandnes Rutebilstasjon’ from the hotel.

14. Kongeparken is an amusement park a short drive from Stavanger. There are new attractions every year, for thrillseekers of all ages. Take the bus from the hotel to ‘Sandnes Rutebilstasjon’, and change to bus 23 from there. Get off at the stop called ‘Oppstad v/ Kongeparken’.

15. Dalsnuten is a mountain outside Sandnes, with a fantastic view of Jæren. It’s a very popular destination, with a great hiking trail. On the way to the top there are places to stop if you want to swim in the lake or go fishing, as well as seeing the ruins of the local farmsteads in the area. The house at Gramstad (where the hiking trail starts at the foot of the mountain) is 10 minutes from Sandnes city center and in the middle of Nord Jæren's largest outdoor area. Follow Daleveien on the east side of the Gandsfjord. Drive around Aspervika and Sandvika and get off at the sign for Gramstad. Drive the hill to the top and stop at the large parking lot. Here is a large bulletin board showing tour suggestions in the area. Just off the parking lot is the Stavanger Tourist Association's outdoor recreation center at Gramstad.

16. Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Norway. A plateau created by glaciers 10 000 years ago, it has a uniquely beautiful view of Lysefjorden. The quickest way to get to Pulpit Rock is to take the ferry from Stavanger to Tau, then continue to the tourist center where the hiking trail starts. If you don’t have a car, you can get on a bus by ‘Fiskepiren’ where the ferry docks in the city center.