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Customer Service
+47 481 33 100

Heftyes vei 99
4021 Stavanger

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How do I cancel my reservation?

If you made your reservation through our website or by email, you can easily cancel your reservation by emailing our front desk or by contacting us at +47 481 33 100. Cancelling your reservation is free of charge 24 hours prior to your check-in. If you have made your reservation through a travel agent or an equivalent third channel party, we encourage you to contact your respective bureau about their cancellation policy.

Where is the hotel located?

Our hotel is located right between NRK Rogaland, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and the University of Stavanger, with close walking distance to scenic hiking trails by Ullandhaug.

Ydalir Hotel Map

Does the hotel have a gym?

We do not have a gym at our hotel, but we do have a partnership with the best gym in Stavanger (LINK). The gym is a five minute walk from the hotel. You may purchase a drop-in pass from our front desk. Here is more information concerning the center and its opening hours (LINK).

Do you offer room service?

We hope to give you one of your best hotel experiences, and strive towards reaching that goal. If there is something missing or you have any requests or needs, please contact us at or our reception.

Do you offer complimentary WiFi?

Our wifi is complimentary and open with 30/30 mpbs. If you are in need of your own private internet line, please contact us at

Do you have a washing machine for personal use?

All guests staying for a longer period of time have 24/7 access to both our washing machines and dryers.

Do you have an iron and ironing room?

There is an ironing room on the second floor. You may also rent ironing utilities from our front desk if you prefer to straighten your clothes privately in your room.

Do you provide hairdryers?

All of our rooms come equipped with a hairdryer! Unlike our short cut director, Martin Sagen, we understand that a hairdryer might be more important to you than to him..

When is check-in/ check-out?

Everyone can check-in from 15:00 (3 p.m), but please send us an email at if you need to check-in at an earlier time.

Check-out is before 12:00 p.m on the weekdays, but feel free to sleep in on Sundays until 16:00 (4 p.m) depending on availability. Send us an email and we will try our best to accommodate any of your needs!

When is breakfast served?

Mon. - Fri.

07:00 - 09:30


07:30 - 11:30


07:30 - 11:30

If you need to head out before the rooster crows, please let our reception know. We can fix you breakfast to go!

Do you serve food?

Ydalir serves a great breakfast every day. While our lunch and dinner offers are reserved for group bookings, we encourage you to order food from nearby local restaurants. That way you can easily order exactly what your stomach desires! Feel free to enjoy your meal in our common areas. We do offer a wide range of drinks from our bar. Please contact us by email or phone if you need help in ordering your meal, or would like it prepared in a timely manner.

We're more than happy to help!

Can I leave my belongings with the hotel?

No worries, we promise to guard your belongings with our life!

Where can I park my car?

We only have a certain amount of limited parking spots on the hotel grounds, but there are a lot of parking spots within close proximity to the hotel. Feel free to ask us!

What do I about group bookings, company arrangements, events or any other requests?

Feel free to email us at or contact us at +47 481 33 100 to see how we can help out With .

How big is the TV? What channels do you offer?

All of our rooms come with a 40" TV connected to our ChromeCast solution, ready at your disposal. Feel free to continue streaming your favorite TV show! Here's a list of our channels:


Can I bring my pet to Ydalir?

Of course your pet is welcomed! Out of consideration to other guests with allergies, we have designated rooms that are reserved for guests bringing their four legged friends. There will be an additional cleaning fee for 250 kr.

How do I arrive to the hotel via collective transportation?

In the menu under «Contact us» you can read more about getting to Ydalir.